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The key to a great trip is access to people, places and situations that you would never encounter on your own. Sherry has these connections and it is what makes her trips so wonderful.

Gretchen, Boston, MA

My trip to Cuba was the most educational and fun experience I have had for years. As an organizer, Sherry was amazing. I always felt taken care of, and there were no glitches whatsoever during the two week trip. All I had to do was enjoy. We did everything on the itinerary, and as possibilities for doing a few extra and wonderful things came up, she was able to work them into the fabric of the trip.

Frank, Iowa City, IA

Thank you Sherry for leading a wonderful trip to Cuba in November.  Your personal contacts in Cuba are amazing and everyone we met was welcoming and gracious.  I loved the farms we visited, the MUSIC and musicians!

Our Cuban guide, Alexis, was extraordinary in his depth and breadth of knowledge about Cuba as well as his kindness and generosity with all of us on the tour.  Our bus was comfortable and our driver was also thoughtful and patient.  I enjoyed staying in small guest houses - getting to know our hosts and enjoying yummy breakfasts prepared just for us.  It made for a much more intimate experience than a big hotel.
I felt safe and well cared for during the trip and I would recommend this trip to Cuba to others looking for a less "traditional" tourist experience without hesitation.  I found the Cuban people to be warm, friendly and welcoming.  

Fran, Maine

I had a wonderful time on our Cuba trip. Never once did I feel unsafe or threatened in any way. I loved the opportunity to visit artists in their homes and studios. Alexis, our Cuban guide, was incredible.  After so many trips to Cuba, Sherry has made very special friendships and relationships which created a more "insider" look at the country, its people, music, and art. 

Barbara, Boston, MA

I have traveled quite a bit in 45 years and Sherry's tour of Cuba was among my most enjoyable trips. Her access to extraordinary people provided me with an experience I have never had. Down to the farm visits, the B and Bs, the music venues, and the restaurants, she did a phenomenal job. Thank you, Sherry. I want to go back.

Susan, Iowa City, IA

I would highly recommend Sherry's tours to Cuba. The art, culture, food, music and architecture are absoluetely amazing. Sherry knows so many wonderful artists and incredible places to visit and tour. It was a life changing experience for me. The Cuban people are beautiful in every way. I learned and expereinced so much over my 10 day stay with Sherry and our fun and informative Cuba tour guide, Alexis. I do hope to go back again soon.

Paula, Providence, RI

I traveled to Cuba with Sherry Pardee in November 2017. We were a group of 10. We had a great trip and Sherry did a fabulous job showing us around Cuba. Our guide “Alexis” was fantastic - the best guide I’ve ever had on a trip and I have travelled to many different countries.

Considering what is in the news these days, I especially want to emphasize that it was very easy to travel into and out of Cuba. Getting through the airports and customs was a breeze and nobody questioned me on either end (Cuba or US). 

The Cuban people were wonderful and very welcoming. I never felt unsafe while in Cuba (even walking around at night). We didn’t experience any Anti-American sentiment - on the contrary I felt we were especially welcomed because we made the effort to visit.

Kimberley, Bay Area, California

Sherry's tours are crazy cool!

Susan, Upstate New York

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